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Packaging store is a franchise company and Raymond Mueller opened the St. Louis Packaging store in 1988. We here at packaging store work with many local businesses, that can range from antique dealers, auction houses, ebay sellers, even the unfortunate estate sale. You don’t have to be a business to use us as we specialize in small moves/ shipments. We are also an authorized UPS shipper. Another Service we offer is our suite boxes (Suite boxes are like P.O. boxes except our boxes are not ran by the USPS. If you decided that you want to pack your items yourself we do sell an array of boxes and other moving supplies as well.
We pride ourselves in knowing that when we are done with your shipment it will arrive in the same condition that is was when left in our care.

Examples of services are as follows:

Artwork Shipping.
The Packaging Store is a recognized presence in the shipping of artwork with a reputation for providing skilled handling and professional customer service. Our network of pack & ship franchisees nationwide handle artwork from museums, galleries, artists, art consultants, collectors, relocation specialists, antique dealers, and private clients. Whether you want to move a painting from a gallery to your wall, transport a multi-ton sculpture or to preserve a single precious family treasure you can trust us to provide professional and safe artwork shipping at an economical price.

Auction / Sellers.
Are you selling a valuable item that requires a reliable and economical solution to assist your bidders? Are you shipping an antique, perhaps. Whatever your item, we can help you by providing economical shipping quotes for the pick-up, packaging and/or crating and shipping of their purchases. We understand valuable items and have years of experience in the handling, preparing and shipping these items so you can enjoy your rewards of selling. Call us. We are respected among moving companies.

Auction / Buyers.
Are you purchasing a valuable item that will require you to find a reputable, experience shipping company? We'll provide you a quote before the auction for the complete service from picking up to packaging and /or crating and finally shipping your purchases with insurance. We recognize your investment and have years of experience as experts in the proper handling of your item. From antique shipping to artwork shipping, to whatever prize you've just won at auction, give us a call today, get a shipping quote from us, and let us show you why we're going to make you comfortable with our expertise and history.

Relocating? Need moving boxes? We've got them. Large & small, short & tall, wide & thin. Our moving boxes come in all shapes and size. Need an unusual size of box? We probably have it. Need a Custom-sized Box? Yes, we got you covered with every possible type of shipping supply as well. Our packaging experts can make a custom box for you to minimize you shipping costs while providing proper protection of your item.

Each Packaging Store provides crating services for all your high tech equipment, antiques and artwork. Leave it to our skilled experts to design and produce a perfect wooden crate for all your needs. Shipping internationally? We will manufacture a crate that meets that country's import requirements.

Custom Packaging.
We can custom package your delicate heirlooms or delicate equipment so that the item is transported safely. Whether it requires a custom box or a custom wooden crate, we can prepare one quickly and economically.

Equipment Shipping.
If your company has equipment that needs to be moved locally, statewide or nationwide between your sites, The Packaging Store can provide a shipping quote and complete service solutions customized to your specific requirements. We can save our customers valuable time and money. Our trained professionals will pick up, securely package and ship your equipment to its destination(s). We are unique among shipping companies in that we have warehouses nationwide, we can receive, store, consolidate and ship your commercial equipment. We also handle large and palletized freight of equipment, from computer servers to furniture. Our equipment shipping professionals solve your first and last mile logistical problems.

Foam in Place / Custom Foam.
This innovative packaging technique uses a liquid foam that hardens to perfectly encase an object for safe transit or shipping. A foam is set into the bottom of a shipping carton while setting. Next, the object is placed onto the foam (securely contained in a sealed bag) and as the foam expands to surround the object while it cures. A great idea for smaller objects such as vases and other breakables, and even good for larger items such as electronic equipment.

Freight Forwarding/Shipping.
You don't need to worry about the overhead of a shipping department. The Packaging Store IS your shipping department, there only when you need us. We can arrange for your freight to be shipped economically direct from your office or warehouse to almost anywhere.

Furniture Shipping.
Whether you want to one item or a smaller household of furniture, don't pay van line's minimum of 1,500-2,000lbs. The Packaging Store can ship that sofa, dining table and other household items at a price far lower than van lines' costs. Safely and with insurance, if needed

On-Site Packaging.
Can't bring your item in to our location? Or maybe you have too much to put in your car. The Packaging Store will come to you! We can bring all the necessary packaging materials to properly package your item at your location. What could be more convenient?

Packaging & Moving Materials.
If you're looking for packaging or packing materials at competitive prices, you'll find them at The Packaging Store. We stock a large variety of box sizes, Bubble Wrap®, tapes, dispensers, peanuts and assorted types of sheet foam, furniture covers, plastic mattress covers, corner protectors and much more.

Pickup & Delivery.
If you item is too big for you to transport, we'll arrange for convenient pickup to bring back to our facility for packaging and shipping. We even can deliver many shipments when shipped in the same shipping zone. Let The Packaging Store be your first thought when it comes to convenience, friendliness and expertise.

Small Parcel Shipping.
The Packaging Store offers substantial savings with parcel delivery, "Truck Load" and "Less Than Truck Load" programs. As part of the Annex Brands network of shipping providers, our small parcel delivery program ships thousands of parcels every day domestically and internationally through carrier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Yellow Freight and more. More importantly, we take the hassle out of small parcel shipping with such features as returns processing, claims handling and follow-up on distressed packaging. And that's just part of it. Our shipment event tracking provides on-time service measurements, enhanced shipment integrity and detailed billing.

Shipping / Commercial.
Every business goes through cycles, and some months are busier than others. Let The Packaging Store be your shipping department so you don't have to absorb overhead during those slower months. Experts in shipping, no overhead for you.....starting to sound like a smart decision? Plus, when you leave the packaging and transportation details to an expert, you actually may ending up reducing your shipping costs because of fewer mistakes.

Shipping / Residential.
Whether you need a shoebox-sized packaged shipped or a chandelier, The Packaging Store can assist in picking up your items and ship them economically to its destination(s). No item is too large or too small for The Packaging Store.

Small Package Shipping Quote.
We're a total shipping solution for you. In addition to our large freight expertise, we also ship ground and air with FedEx and UPS for your smaller packages. Give us a call for a quote over the phone for your small packages.

Trade Show Logistics.
Ever finish a trade-show and wish you didn't have to box up everything, prepare shipping forms, and spend hours trying to find a place that could ship your materials? Tired of your business attire getting dirtied and filled with the sweat of frustration? The Packaging Store can arrange the shipping and pickup of your trade show materials so you can enjoy the end of the show in the spa, not the heat.

Transit Insurance.
The Packaging Store can insure your items against damage while in transit, if packaged by us, and against disappearance if packed by the customer. We help you choose the amount of insurance you need, no more, no less. There's virtually no limit to the amount of insurance you can obtain, but certain conditions apply, so let our experts help you ensure you item's safe transit.

Warehouse Services.
Do you need temporary storage for your valuables in a safe, secure environment? The Packaging Store can help. And then whenever you're ready, we can ship your items either to you or another destination of your choice.

We are the "Small load Specialist" we will pick up your item, pack it and ship it. WE do ship world wide and are an authorized UPS shipper

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